Why More People Pursue Recreational Flying

When someone speaks of his childhood dream to become a pilot, he paints a peachy picture of that dream’s horizon. This horizon has the grand allure of prestige, of the crispness of a pilot’s uniform, of the power that comes with maneuvering a Boeing 747 or even a fighter jet like the one Tom Cruise flew in Top Gun.

Committing to such a dream, one might learn too late, is a tall order. In this sense, flying an aircraft and obtaining the license to do so is no ordinary undertaking.

            Image source: theraf.org

However, in a different and more realistic sense, flying a plane need not be too big a dream. There are gradual steps to realize it. While it is quite acceptable to say that learning how to fly is expensive, recreational flying offers the best learning experience with the most value for time and money.

Recreational flying allows for fewer but more manageable privileges. This is perfect for simple pleasures like seeing one’s own neighborhood from a bird’s eye view. Touring the city on the ground takes up most of the whole day, but from the air a scenic tour can allow you to see the city from end to end in a matter of minutes.

Image source: infocusmagazine.ca

Aiming for a recreational flying certificate is a fair start, one that entitles the aspiring pilot to flex his flying muscles for the first time. It affords the pilot to master simple flying and navigation techniques, and in fact, even safely take-off and land a plane, all in one afternoon. More complex flying certificates can easily be pursued later on.

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