Overcoming the Fear of Flying

Aviophobia – a fear that has grounded so many from flying and enjoying the convenience brought by traveling by air. Different studies peg the statistics of people who have this fear from 5 percent to 20 percent. Causes of this fear arise for various reasons, with others fearing an occurrence of a plane crash or accident, claustrophobia – or the fear of being trapped, or fear of panic or anxiety attacks.

The default response to this fear is avoiding flying altogether, opting instead to use other modes of transportation. There are instances though that this cannot be the case, that the fear of flying should be overcome, and the good news is it is doable. The following are some of the ways on how to bring the fear under control.

planeImage source: drmartinseif.com


News and disaster movies have made their way to people’s head, causing them to overestimate the threat when there really is none. The International Air Transport Association recorded just one accident in every five million flights. Statistically speaking, airplanes are a safe mode of transportation.


A good movie, music, book, magazine, and the like are an effective way to distract one’s self from the anxiety of flying. By keeping the mind off being in the airplane, comfort is easier to attain.

article-2468771-18DCC0D900000578-645_634x357Image source: dailymail.co.uk


Simple exercises can relieve stress and keep emotions in check during flights. Squeeze balls or stuffed animals can provide a release for tension. Stretching and deep breaths can also relax the muscles in the body and offer an outlet for a good deal of energy.

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